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My name is Kristiāna

I am a certified specialist, who practices Tibetan singing bowel Hertz therapy and Gong meditations, in addition to which I also conduct Cocoa ceremonies and group activities.
I’ve always felt the need to live my life according to the laws of nature, studying the authentic fundamentality of the universe and feelings. In my life, I am guided by creativity in art, painting, dance as well as sound and music. Therefore one of my spiritual tasks is to work with sound.
I believe that sound heals people on every possible level. It brings us closer, heals us, generates various moods, inspires and calms us. There is power in sound and in song!
My goal is to give people powerful feelings of energy and new experience, as well as to help them to calm themselves and get their thoughts in order, to feel and listen to themselves, recover themselves and their potential, and to become more balanced!
I do what I can so that everyone who comes to me retains this feeling within themselves and learns to use it in the course of their daily life.
I adopt an individual approach to each person – I listen to their wishes and apply appropriate techniques. I work from the heart, with love and joy, offering you the best of all that I have learned!

Wishing you magic, and looking forward to welcoming you Under Bowl
How the Sound Therapy takes place
Sound Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Duration: 1.5h
According to Tibetan traditions, the discovery of singing bowls dates back to the era of Buddha Shakyamuni (560–480 BCE) in India. Listening to the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, our emotional centres are activated. This makes these bowls a great way of conducting sound meditations. They are also highly effective when used in the therapeutic sessions aimed at fostering general harmony and helping the body to regain its balance and heal itself. Sound therapy calms both body and mind.
This therapy helps to:
• alleviate neuroses and stress;
• reduce tension in muscles and body;
• eradicate energy blocks and complexes;
• balance thought processes;
• improve powers of concentration;
• improve sleep quality;
• harmonize breathing;
• normalize blood pressure;
• strengthen the immune system;
• restore harmony at cellular level.

*Pregnant women and children can also visit Sound Therapy

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Cacoa ceremony
Duration: 2-3 hours
The cacoa ceremony is conducted using natural, ceremonial cocoa (kakahuatl, verdadero cacao, true cacoa). This is a very potent medicinal plant, which for thousands of years has been used to make cocoa beverages for the performance of rituals.
The culture of growing and using cacoa was born in Central and South America, and passed from generation to generation. Our ancestors believed that the cacoa tree reflects the origin of women, and believed that Gods on high sent cacoa from Heaven to Earth to help people develop spirituality. Both in days of old and today, cacoa has the power to give you energy, “open your heart” and bring you closer to a feeling and consciousness of love.
The cacoa ceremony is a sacral process during which one’s heart is “opened” and filled with love. The ceremony will infuse you with inner power, energy and peace, raise your consciousness and help you to be present “here and now”.

A cacoa ceremony helps you to:
• reduce emotional blocks;
• ”let go” of previous relationships;
• get to know yourself better;
• discover your creative potential;
• improve your everyday powers of concentration.

*Pregnant women and children can also visit Cacao ceremony
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Gong meditation
Duration: 1 hour
Gongs are closely related to singing bowls, because the sounds of gongs have a positive impact on the human body.
The sound of a gong possesses the power of healing, awakens each and every cell in the body and confers deep relaxation, cleansing the mind and stimulating the nervous system, thus transforming one’s emotional state, which in turn influences the functioning of the mind.
Just like the sounds of singing bowls, vibrations from the sounds of gongs correspond to the frequencies of the planetary level of the Universe, chime with the inner vibrations of the human body and restore them to their original balance.
People have been aware of the ways in which gongs affect the body and have used gongs since days of old, and in tandem with singing bowls they create the best effect possible.
In terms of sacral geometry - gongs and singing bowls are round forms. The circle is the symbol of eternity, unity and infinity. Movement around a circle is reminiscent of a continual reversion to oneself and is fostered by sound and meditation.

More ceremonies 
More ceremonies 
What our customers say about us
Hello! 🥰
Aahh, that was the best idea for a gift! Bring your husband to the sounding bowls session for the couple! 🤍 New emotions, new experiences and a greater understanding of the magic of his wife's experiences 🤍 he really liked the process, the atmosphere, and the aftertaste 🤍 that night he was completely in his own world, so relaxed. He also went to bed quickly, with such a pleasant feeling of fatigue 🤭 he was in a very uplifting mood the whole next day and said that he would definitely have to do it again! 🥰
Great experience 🥰
Thank you very much for the opportunity to try something completely new and undiscovered. After the session, I felt very calm and relaxed, I will definitely want to try other variations and recommend others to try this Tibetan magic!
Thank you so much for our therapy, which was an absolutely wonderful end to my vacation! I felt so positive, light and calm. It "stuck" to me both from the sounds of the cocoa and dishes, and from your energy! The cards we drew perfectly outlined our main stumbling blocks of the moment. A man still needs to learn to enjoy the "here and now", learn to walk with an open mind and heart without thinking too much, etc. However, he also evaluated this experience positively and thought very much about resuming various practices on a daily basis.

Keep doing beautiful things - you succeed! ❤
On the day of the ceremony and the next, I felt very calm, all my emotions were very neutral. I felt in harmony with myself and it was easier to fall asleep. Thank you 🤍

Hello, yesterday I went to the cocoa ritual and I wanted to share my feelings, you definitely have to work on yourself, but during this ritual, the sharp things that should have been released long ago came to light! Not only the cocoa ritual itself, but your energy and the message that you carry, all this helps to understand even more that this is such a very enjoyable moment - for yourself and for your soul ❤️ The ceremony is over, but the work with yourself continues, thank you!

Hello, about the cacao ceremony. I really liked! 😍 I felt such peace and good mood all day, so easy and pleasant. Everything around seems so beautiful and wonderful. It looks like it could fly through the air. Your voice leading the meditation was so soothing and pleasant, I could listen to it over and over again! ❤️✨
When I was holding the cup of cocoa in my hands, for a moment my hands were so hot and crooked that the cup was also hot. It was very pleasant. I had not felt such peace and harmony inside for a long time. The whole atmosphere you had created could really live there with you. Such peace and such energy. And doing that ritual with amber dust, it seems that I really let something go. Felt very charming and so uplifted. Well, the perfect end of the year with a cocoa ceremony. I will definitely be back and I'm already planning to go to the cocoa ceremony at the end of this year as well. I have already written it in the planner! This will be a must do! This emotion cannot even be described in words! ❤️
Thank you for the last time, just magic! In the end I was born again and got a new breath from the beginning like a small child! Thank you so much! I love what you do with people! THANK YOU!❤️♥️🧘‍♀️
The feelings during the therapy were amazing, so liberating. My intention was to understand what I want after the therapy *, and *which direction to develop myself professionally and see, after the therapy I had a revelation 🙂 Those 3 days were so liberating, I allowed myself to be alone, I allowed myself to do nothing - don't judge yourself.. A lot of revelation came .. released chakras, doubts/concerns - I see my desires and goals, what I want to achieve and possibilities much more clearly✨✨ I wanted to say that on the 2nd day I was very happy - I was beaming with my energy, I was so happy😌 I would definitely like to visit therapy or a cacao ceremony at your place😍 I almost forgot when I was burying the amber-ashes on the fire and the intention was to get rid of a severe injury - and really the feelings have become easier, the weight I was carrying or the resentment is no longer there. More domine milestiba 😊

I noticed that not only I am changing, but also the surroundings are changing 🙂✨
Thank you for awakening something in me that seemed to be asleep, I feel very good and would definitely like to try the cocoa ceremony soon 🙏
A sincere THANK YOU for the birthday ritual...💗💗💗 so nice to be in the company of such a sweet person like you...I hid the envelope in a safe place....and I believe that our spell will come true...
The Under the Bowl experience goes beyond consciousness. It is an adventure into the world of meditative vibrations and the subconscious.
It is the way to yourself. To yourself - the unknown, the undiscovered
Thanks again for a great experience! I feel like there is a lot of control and a lot of blocks to work with. Loved the sounds and vibration. I really feel that I am getting to know myself and healing step by step. Thoughts and meditations have tremendous power. When I went out on the street that night, I felt so free, but in the evening I wrote 3-4 things that I will do every day "in front of myself".
It seemed very special that you also talked and asked, and with you I felt really safe, that I could open up, talk...like with my own person.
I will definitely come again someday, because my journey does not end here!❤️

Thank you!
Really enjoyed the cacao ceremony. I felt very safe with Christian, it was easy to trust and communicate.
I liked that you also told interesting facts about cocoa ✨
Meditation, cards, everything came together.
The atmosphere was pleasant, the environment perfect. After the ceremony, I felt refreshed and recharged. I know for sure that I will go again.
Say Thank You to yourself!
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